Pressure Sensors & Transmitters

Pressure sensors are devices that are used to measure the pressure – force per unit area – of liquids and gases. They are also referred to as pressure transducers, pressure indicators and manometers. Typically, these sensors generate an electrical signal that indicates pressure, but also provides a measure of other variables including the flow and speed of gas/liquid, water level, and even altitude.

A pressure sensor notes down pressure, more often than not of gases or fluids. Pressure is a method for expressing the ideal energy bound to prevent a liquid from extending, and is fundamentally plotted as far as power for every unit region. A pressure sensor normally goes about as a transducer; it transforms an indicator as a capacity of the pressure forced.

Many different types of pressure sensors exist, each of which has its own unique design, technology, application and performance features. These include:

  • Absolute pressure sensor – measures pressure relative to the perfect vacuum
  • Gauge pressure sensor – measures pressure relative to atmospheric pressure
  • Vacuum pressure sensor – measures pressure below atmospheric pressure
  • Differential pressure sensor – measures the difference between two pressures
  • Sealed pressure sensor – measure the pressure relative to fixed pressure

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Why Choose a Greater Toronto Area Instruments Pressure Sensor?

At Durham and Greater Toronto Area Instruments, we understand that pressure sensors are not all made equal and have a wide range of applications, from weather instruments to aircrafts, automobiles to satellites and beyond. In fact, almost every modern machine uses a pressure sensor to some degree. Whether you need an instrument to measure pressure, altitude, depth, speed or flow of liquid, our team of experts will adjust and customize a measurement solution that works for you. With more than 30 years of experience in the instrument field, we have connected a large number of clients across various industries with the equipment and technical support they require.

More than One Application

Festival of Light
The Vivid Light Festival attracts millions of people to Sydney Harbour over a 2 week period each year, with the city hosting a Festival of Light, Music and Ideas around the city.

At 2013 “We See Saw” has used an array of pressure sensors on the seats, accelerometer’s on each ‘See Saw’ and algorithms that rewarded the rhythm, speed, and collaborative movement between the three See Saws, to unlock dynamic visuals on a curved 10m LED screen.
“We See Saw” is a collaborative play installation, activating a sense of the memories by providing moments of a time gone by, through a real experience at the Festival… more

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